Twisted Colossus Review

Finally I had a chance to go to Six Flags to ride Twisted Colossus and it was a blast. The ride was a lot better than I was expecting. The ride is featured in a new section at Six Flags called the ScreamPunk District and has a lot of cool steampunk structures to see. If you like steampunk, you gotta check it out!

The first drop totally threw me off guard considering it is not that large, it brought the train to high speed very quickly. The deceiving drop gives the train a lot of speed because of its steep 90 degree angle. I was not aware that the ride takes you on both tracks to make the ride a total of 4 minutes, this really made it worth the one hour I had to wait in line. The ride is it a bit rough just like a wooden coaster but enjoyable with the new design is has to offer.

Take a trip to Six Flags to ride the Twisted Colossus if you haven’t yet. Please post a comment below to let us know your thoughts about your experience on the Twisted Colossus.

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