Silver Bullet


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Location: Buena Park CA
Theme Park: Knott’s Berry Farm
Opening Date: Dec 7 2004
Type: Steel Inverted
Height: 164 ft
Length: 3125 ft
Largest Drop: 109 ft
Max Vertical Angle: 40 degrees
Inversions: 6
Top Speed: 55 mph
Maximum G-Force: 3

Silver Bullet was a 16 million dollar project manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard. It is currently the newest coaster at Knott’s. The coaster was designed with a western theme to go along with Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm.  However, ...Read more

Boomerang (Knott’s Berry Farm)

Boomerang starts out by pulling the riders backwards up an incline twelve stories high, then releases the train for a wild ride. The coaster takes you upside down six times during the ride, three times forward and three times while going backwards. The coaster takes you upside down two times while going through the boomerang and another in the loop, while traveling in just one direction.

This is one ride that can definitely give you some whiplash and really make you dizzy, at least for me it does. ...Read more