Riddler’s Revenge

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Theme Park: Six Flags Magic Mtn
Location: Valencia CA
Opening Date: April 4 1998
Type: Steel Stand-up
Height: 156 ft
Length: 4370 ft
Largest Drop: 146 ft
Max Vertical Angle: 54 degrees
Inversions: 6
Top Speed: 65 mph
Maximum G-Force: 4.2

Riddler’s Revenge consists of theĀ most inversionsĀ for a stand-up coaster. The ride is themed after the Riddler in the movie Batman Forever. During the ride you encounter a tall vertical loop standing at 124 feet tall as well as two corkscrews and two dive loops. Riddler’s Revenge sets a few records for stand-up coasters; height, tallest drop, speed, track length, largest vertical loop, and the most inversions!

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