Green Lantern: First Flight

GL_SFMM_RicTurner green_lantern__first_flight_by_jdmm71-d45vnva 50700-hi-GreenLanternFirstFlight

Theme Park: Six Flags Magic Mtn
Location: Valencia CA
Opening Date: December 16 2011
Type: 4th Dimension
Height: 107 ft
Length: 825 ft
Inversions: Varies
Top Speed: 37 mph

Green Lantern was designed by the company Intamin Worldwide in Switzerland. After Six Flags had Green Lantern built it was ranked for the most coasters at a theme park in the world. During the ride, the cars can be completely flipped 360 degrees in a somewhat uncontrolled manner, but due to the way the cars are loaded they sometimes don’t flip at all. Whether each car spins or not all depends on the weight of the riders and the gravity.

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