Cannibal features the steepest drop in the United States. The roller coaster opened this year on July 2 at Lagoon in Farmington, Utah. The roller coaster took more than 5 years to plan out and about 2 years to build.

Cannibal broke a record for the tallest beyond-vertical drop in the world, at an angle of 116 degrees and a height of 208 feet. The coaster is the tallest and longest ride in the state of Utah.

Something interesting I noticed about this roller coaster is an elevator lift used for the beginning of the ride to reach the top of the beyond-vertical drop. A couple other cool features of the ride are a tunnel that goes 20 feet underground and an Immelmann turn inversion. You might be wondering what the heck an Immelmann turn is, this is a loop with a twist in it, the name comes from a maneuver used by planes after an attack to reposition for another attack during World War 1.

Name Cannibal
Theme Park Lagoon
Location Farmington, Utah, USA
Opened Date July 2, 2015
Type Steel Coaster
Length 2,735 ft
Height 208 ft
Top Speed 70 mph
Inversions 6
Maximum G-Force 4.2


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