The Smiler

Theme Park: Alton Towers
Location: Staffordshire, UK
Opening Date: May 31 2013
Type: Steel Sit-Down
Height: 72 ft
Length: 3840 ft
Largest Drop: 98 ft
Inversions: 14
Top Speed: 53 mph
Maximum G-Force: 4-5

The Smiler holds a world record for the most inversions as a steel roller coaster, totaling 14. The ride contains 3 different themed sections during the ride. Smiler’s inversions consist of a cobra roll, a sea serpent roll, 2 diving loops, 2 inverted drops, a heartline roll, ...Read more

Outlaw Run; First Wooden Coaster With Inversions

Theme Park: Silver Dollar City
Location: Branson, Missouri
Opening Date: March 15, 2013
Type: Wood
Height: 107 ft
Length: 2937 ft
Max Vertical Angle: 81°
Inversions: 3
Top Speed: 68 mph

The Outlaw Run was built by Rocky Mountain Construction. It is the first and only wooden coaster with inversions and the second fastest wooden coaster to date. It competes with Colossos at Heide Park in Germany, for speed. The coaster’s track is made of laminated wood with steel plating in ...Read more


Takabisha’s record breaking drop angle, at 121 degrees.

Theme Park: Fuji-Q Highland
Location: Yamanashi, Japan
Opening Date: July 16 2011
Type: Steel Euro Fighter
Height: 141 ft
Length: 3300 ft
Max Vertical Angle: 121°
Inversions: 7
Top Speed: 62 mph

Takabisha is the steepest coaster in the world with a drop angle of 121°. The coaster is listed in the Guinness World Records for the steepest steel roller coaster. The name of the coaster, Takabisha, translates to ‘high flying car’ in English. The coaster’s inversions consist of ...Read more

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cyclon

The Battlestar Galactica coaster is a pair of intertwining coasters at Universal Studios in Singapore. The two coasters have a different name, Cylon and Human. The ride is listed as the tallest dueling coaster in the world. From the station the trains are launched by Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM) to send the riders speeding at a high acceleration instead of the traditional chain lift. The ride features several near collisions between to the two tracks, just inches apart. The coaster is based ...Read more

Green Lantern: First Flight


Theme Park: Six Flags Magic Mtn
Location: Valencia CA
Opening Date: December 16 2011
Type: 4th Dimension
Height: 107 ft
Length: 825 ft
Inversions: Varies
Top Speed: 37 mph

Green Lantern was designed by the company Intamin Worldwide in Switzerland. After Six Flags had Green Lantern built it was ranked for the most coasters at a theme park in the world. During the ride, the cars can be completely flipped 360 degrees in a somewhat uncontrolled manner, but due to the way the cars are ...Read more


Theme Park: Six Flags Magic Mtn
Location: Valencia CA
Opening Date: May 24 2008
Type: 4th Dimension
Height: 175 ft
Length: 3610 ft
Largest Drop: 215 ft
Inversions: 2
Top Speed: 76 mph
Maximum G-Force: 4

This coaster starts out with a huge drop at 215 feet and a slope of 88.8 degrees. X2 (or Xtreme2) was built to be the world’s first 4th dimension roller coaster. The 4th dimension design is a coaster containing cars that rotate from a rack and pinion gear mechanism that moves up and down ...Read more



Theme Park: Six Flags Magic Mtn
Location: Valencia CA
Opening Date: April 7 1990
Type: Steel Sit-Down
Height: 188 ft
Length: 3830 ft
Largest Drop: 171 ft
Inversions: 7
Top Speed: 70 mph
Maximum G-Force: 4.1

Viper was manufactured by Arrow Dynamics, the same company to design the Matterhorn Bobsleds coaster at Disneyland. When the ride opened in 1990 it held a record for the fastest and tallest looping coaster until a coaster called Steel Phantom in Pennsylvania beat the record. There ...Read more

Riddler’s Revenge



Theme Park: Six Flags Magic Mtn
Location: Valencia CA
Opening Date: April 4 1998
Type: Steel Stand-up
Height: 156 ft
Length: 4370 ft
Largest Drop: 146 ft
Max Vertical Angle: 54 degrees
Inversions: 6
Top Speed: 65 mph
Maximum G-Force: 4.2

Riddler’s Revenge consists of the most inversions for a stand-up coaster. The ride is themed after the Riddler in the movie Batman Forever. During the ride you encounter a tall vertical loop standing at 124 feet tall as well as two ...Read more



Theme Park: Six Flags Magic Mtn
Location: Valencia CA
Opening Date: April 12 2003
Type: Steel Floorless
Height: 150 ft
Length: 3985 ft
Largest Drop: 141 ft
Inversions: 7
Top Speed: 63 mph
Maximum G-Force: 4

Scream was Six Flags 16th coaster to open up at the park. It was designed by Bolliger & Mabillard. The ride contains a variety of twists and loops, 7 inversions to be exact. The coasters elements include vertical loops, a zero-g roll, corkscrews, a dive loop, and a cobra roll. ...Read more

Full Throttle

As of June 22 a new coaster with broken records, was opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Full Throttle broke a record for the world’s tallest and fastest looping coaster. The ride does something very unique by blasting over the top of a vertical loop, which is called a “top hat loop”. It is the first and only to be built with a top hat loop, which stands at a thrilling 160 feet tall. That is 15 feet taller than Superman at Six Flags in Texas which had the tallest vertical loop ...Read more