Apocalypse: The Last Stand

This roller coaster was the first one built by Bolliger & Mabillard, a Swiss manufacturer. The coaster was known as Iron Wolf when it was 1st built and held records for the highest (100-foot) and fastest (55 miles per hour) stand-up looping roller coaster in the world. Iron Wolf appeared in a movie called Richie Rich back in 1994 as a roller coaster in Richie’s backyard. After 21 years in production, Iron Wolf was closed down and relocated shortly after. Less than a year later in 2012 the construction for Apocalypse The Last Stand was finished and opened just a couple months later.

Name Apocalypse: The Last Stand
Theme Park Six Flags America
Location Woodmore, Maryland, USA
Opened Date April 28, 1990
Type Steel – Stand-up
Length 2,900 ft
Height 100 ft
Top Speed 55 mph
Inversions 2


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