Amusement Parks

Welcome to a database of Amusement Parks with awesome coasters, around the globe!

This page is a work in progress, so the list isn't complete yet as you can see. I'm starting the list with parks in Europe.

This Danish theme park is located in Jylland, in northern Denmark. The park, as the name suggests, is open during the summer months and attracts about 650,000 people each season. It is one of Denmark's biggest amusement parks and has the largest water park of any amusement park in the country. The park has currently 6 roller coasters, three of which are adult coasters, and many other rides as well.

| Orkanen (The Hurricane) |

The hurricane first raises you up to the seventh-century height and then, as the only one of its kind in Northern Europe, races underwater into an underwater tunnel and continues through the woods at high speed while your feet dare freely in the air!

| Falken (The Falcon) |

With a top speed of 75 km / h is Falken Denmark's fastest tree lane. And it gives a vivid feeling in the stomach when you're screaming blowing through the 622 blow-winding roller meter.

| Lynet (The Lightning) |

Lynet's acceleration measures up with the quickest Formula 1 cars using electromagnetism. It gives a very special feeling when you drain directly from the station house instead of being pulled up a hill - and then you suddenly hang 20 meters up in the air with a glorious view of the whole Summerland.


This amusement park is located in Aarhus, Denmark. The park was visited by more than 365,000 visitors in 2009, and the figure is rising. The park is situated about 2 km to the south of the city centre. It has several themed sections with different types of attractions. There are more than 40 attractions.

| Cobra |

Tivoli Friheden has just one big coaster and it can't be missed. Cobra has a total of 3 inversions. Legs up and head down and lots of other wild effects. The maximum speed is 70 km/h.

| Dragon King |

You feel butterflies in your stomach when you suddenly dive at 85 km/h through the underground cave with the crisp turn. Dragon King is Europe's fastest and longest Family Suspended Coaster. Look forward to 825 meters of speed, mystery and stomach-like weightlessness in this year's largest roller coaster news.

| Pirate |

Get aboard Denmark's biggest, fastest and funniest roller coaster - if you dare. The pirate turns and turns at 90 km / h, so the crumbles rasler, and golden teeth fly. Just something for hardened sailors with strong stomachs.

| Skatteøen |

Skatteøen is 455 meters fun for the whole family filled with pirates, octopus and suction in the stomach. In express travel, the ride goes through air and water before you end up in the wildest water splash after a 22 meter long drop. So easily anchor and find the skeleton's treasure before he gets his bony fingers in you.