Altair CCW-0204

A new amusement park, Cinecitta World, has opened in Rome with a really cool coaster that has 10 inversions. The name of the steel coaster is Altair CCW-0204. The new park and coaster opened last year in July. The coaster consists of loops, cobra rolls, double corkscrews, quad heartline rolls, and heartline rolls.

The coaster is based on the theme of a spaceship that left Earth with humans more than 4000 years ago, the spaceship has returned and now its time for you to experience the ride.

Name Altair CCW-0204
Theme Park Cinecitta World
Location Rome, Lazio, Italy
Opened Date July 24 2014
Type Steel
Length 2087 ft
Height 108 ft
Top Speed 52.8 mph
Inversions 10


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